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Originally Posted by frayedknotarts View Post My free page of "how to's" in photo format.

USN Deck from '65 to (let's not mention that...) now doing this stuff professionally.

Anyone who might want to do up a photo-tutorial on something they particularly like to do is more than welcome to go to and contact me.

Please feel free to let others know about the site and pages and, if you are at all interested in keeping the traditional rope arts alive, DO investigate the IGKT at
Keep making knots! I have been aware of the International Guild of Knot Tyers for many years, but cannot bring myself to approach them because I learned as a child that knots are "made." Before joining my first merchant vessel in 1956 I had learned much from The Ashley Book of Knots and have continued the process since. I still join ships with a hand stitched sea bag of No.1 weather deck canvas closed with a slightly fancy shackle having a wooden pin that passes through all the bag's hand stitched eyelets. The bow of the shackle is rib hitched so as to be hard wearing and has ringbolt hitched eyes to take the pin and nine or eleven part turk's heads on its "wrists." Usually nobody notices.
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