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Originally Posted by Philthechill View Post
Having been involved with Industrial Refrigeration for the final twenty-odd years of my working life I was recalling t'other day, about the various 'fridge jobs I'd done. Inevitably I thought about the absolute brilliance of the thinking behind the pumping-cold-brine-through-the-steam-coils-of-the-Thermotak's, on "Maskeliya"-----and got to wondering, who came-up with the idea.

Many will, no doubt, remember the scheme to "Air-condition" the accomodation and how it wasn't too bad at all for such a "Heath Robinsin" effort.

The fact the Sterne compressor, asigned the a/c duty, could provide such a good effort was amazing as the load on them, especially in the Red Sea, was incredible. I do seem to recall it (the compressor), was constantly, (because of the sea and ambient temperatures), fully-loaded.

Does anyone have any idea who came-up with the idea? Salaams, Phil
Might justa been that there "Eath Robinsin" fella, good at that sorta thing 'e woz.
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