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Originally Posted by nick olass View Post
Might justa been that there "Eath Robinsin" fella, good at that sorta thing 'e woz.
Slightly related, but on first trip on SS Maihar in 1958, (no air cond) domestic fridge operated om Methyl Chloride (?). Cargo fridges on SS Manipur was ammonia, just magic for curing a hangover!
I always used to wonder at the quick reaction of anyone when smelling salts was shoved under their nose, now I know why!
Got a real blast once on her when a lead charging pipe from a ammonia storage bottle burst a few inches from my face, I think it is due to pocket hercules Hector QM I was saved when he grabbed me and literally held me over the side in the air to get my breath back, he had been alerted in his cabin in the alleyway where the bottles were stored when he was choking with the fumes from the burst pipe.
happy days
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