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Originally Posted by Derek Roger View Post
I thought it was Pat Morris of Maipura days or may have been Allan Atack ( I will check with him )
The work was done in Calcutta as a 'side job " during regular work and it worked quite well . It was called :air cooling : as it was not air conditioning in the true sence .

Best job for the ammonia brine system was too chill the cans of Tennants ( on the headers ). Everyone on board knew where it was and how to use it .
Derek! Wasn't it absolutely ace to go into the brine-room, straight from being "on-the-plates". Your ringing-wet-with-sweat boiler-suit became instantly chilled-down as you entered that 0C (and below), atmosphere---------then back down-below! We MUST have been incredibly fit to be able to withstand a "temperature jolt" (my invemtion!!!) of some 60C!!!!

Apropos a/c on ships.

Having been in Industrial Refrigeration I wonder just how big a 'fridge-plant some of these monster cruise-ships have!! To a/c such vast ships would take some seriously big compressors, (and the appropriate elctrical-power to drive them!!).

Obviously, because of the a/c load alone, they will have screw-compressors (and heading-toward the biggest machines too).

One of the biggest fridge-plats I ever dealt with was at Wall's Ice Cream, Cheltnemham. There was 120 tons of NH3 (ammonia) there with a combination of recip and screw compressors.

That system was the scene of one of my best-ever diagnostics------I was well-chuffed, (as were both their C/E and my Company!!!). Salaams, Phil

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