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Re Legionella,Staffordshires claim to fame.Back in the 80`s there was one of the worst outbreaks at Stafford General Hospital that killed several patients and infected many others.That originated in the cooling towers and the latest outbreak in North Staffs University Hospital has killed 2 so far.What is do with our local Health trust,I have used both of these hopsitals and found them to be truly wonderful in EVERY possible situation,childbirth,terminal care,death and accidental injury.However their record in hygiene is appalling Legionella,Necrosis,Difficile and enteritis are all ever present.It genuinely has me worried.
I snapped my achiiles tendon a couple of years ago and on one of my many visits to the fracture clinic I noticed the state of a trolley entering the room.It was truly awful,it clearly hadn`t been cleaned for too long and there were stickers visible in many places.My wife said`If you get checked in here I`m bringing our own cleaning gear in`
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