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Peter Upton.

Originally Posted by dileece View Post
Hi Tony, Just joined the site today and have read with interest all the 'blogs' about Offshore Marine. I joined them in 1973 and sailed as Master for almost 4 years with them. I am trying to get photos of the ones I sailed on and was hoping you could help ? Arctic Shore,North,Cape,Channel,Norfolk,Breton,Pacific and my final command Anglia. Peter Upton took over from me in November 1977 and I moved to Shell working as OIM for the next 25 years.
Ian Leece.
Hi Tony, Hi Ian,
Ian, I seem to remenber you though I don't think I sailed with you. I met up with Peter when he was with the office for Zapata. I worked for Seahorse in Cabinda at the time. Later I met up with him in Singapore and China. After that was all finished I met up with him in Dubai where he was running a generator rental company. He admitted he didn't know much about generators but he had engineers who did. Anyway we tried to have dinner once a month and after about a year I phoned him and he said he was recovering from a heart attack. Three weeks later I phoned and his secretary told me he had passed. I know some people didn't like him but I did. His son was still working in Dubai when I left.
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