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Originally Posted by Samsette View Post
Thanks for that, Fred. However, the wiki diagram shows flank at that part of the bovine body where I'd expected it to be. I got the info from the butcher in The Red Barn Farmers Market, on West Saanich Road. Ever had it?
Not prepared in the manner you describe.
As you said in an earlier post there is not much meat on it and the inner membrane has to (should) be removed before consumption. Most of the time ours used to end up in the sausage meat.
Brisket has a large heavy bone in it and I have never seen it cooked with the bone in.
What we used to call 'breast of lamb' included both the 'brisket' and the 'flank' with the bones and membrane removed. Now I have only ever had that stuffed and rolled as you describe.
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