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Tyne Tees Steam Shipping Co

Did about nine months on the Neatherlands Coast,in 1964 or thereabouts, one of her sisterships Cyprian Coast(might have been the Frisian Coast ones memory grows dim) sank at the Newcastle quayside, remember watching her being raised as a sprog.
The Neatherlands Coast, did Amsterdam Rotterdam back to Gateshead quay every week, after a while one though, "I might as well be working in a factory"
The only notable thing that occured was, due to circumstances beyond ones control one got a VNC off her,missed her at Gateshead, one was the laughing stock of the pool, Gateshead being my home town.
Captain Fisher was a interesting chap, he had a old Rolls Royce and a wooden leg, the old Rolls would be left parked under the Tyne Bridge for the duration of the voyage, the wooden leg he took with him.


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