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Originally Posted by ruud View Post
Ahoy Stephen,
Yes their vessels always looked in good condition, but as you mentioned already a painting/drawing looks much more "natural" by given a few touches of rust spots,near the anchors for example, and of course an old oil drum for the galley/engineroom-garbages in those days was also often seen,and emptied as soon harbour was left, wouldn't risk this nowadays, as the supplies for put them ashore are much better regulated.
Any chance to see, some of your "work"?

Hi Ruud,

The joke with HAL is, "Why are HAL known as The Spotless Fleet'?" Because they were too cheap to buy the spots!

Best place to see a good selection of my work is on Willem van der Leek's site, 'Willem's Maritime Pages'.

Also two recent books.......

CUNARDER - Maritime Paintings by Stephen Card

and HOLLAND AMERICA LINE - The Spotless Fleet' Maritime Paintings by SC

Cunard has about 40 paintings done for QM2 and QE2 while the HAL book has the complete collection of works done for them between 1991 and 2006... over 80 pieces puls some addition sketches and soame paintings of HAL ships made for private clients.

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