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Originally Posted by duncs View Post
I was RO on the SS Deptford in1972. I remember a parrafin lamp in the room, on gimbals. Can anyone give me any info on the Deptford?

DEPTFORD (1951 - 1972)
O.N. 184540. 1 ,782g. 923n. 2,690d. 259.2 (270.5 oa) x 39.5 x 16.6 feet.
T.3-cyl. (16”, 27” and 47” x 33”) by George Clark (1938) Ltd., Sunderland. 214 NHP. 10 knots.
16.8.1951: Launched by S. P. Austin and Son Ltd., Wear Dock, Sunderland (Yard No. 410).
27.11.1951: Completed for the British Electricity Authority, (Stephenson Clarke Ltd, managers), London.
29.11.1951: Registered at London; Vessel No. 255 of 1951.
12.4.1955: Owners renamed Central Electricity Authority (same managers).
1.7.1958: Owners renamed the Central Electricity Generating Board (same managers).
1.4.1968: Managers renamed Stephenson Clarke Shipping Ltd.
12.1972: Sold to Victorine O. Levy, South Ockendon, Essex.
6.2.1973: Arrived at Briton Ferry for demolition by T. W. Ward Ltd., Sheffield.
13.2.1973: Work commenced.
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