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Originally Posted by alaric View Post
The whole design seems to have worked very well considering the lack of modern aids available in the 1950s. Have been looking on the internet but can't find any detail on the rotor head.
Like you, my memory was that the Rotordyne project was scrapped because of the high noise levels, but the 4 part film on U-tube suggests that this was not the case. The film makers say it was government directed industry re-organisation that killed off this promising concept. The film was made by Fairy Aviation and this opinion may well be a little biased?
But maybe, just maybe we might yet have exhaust driven rotor sails helping to save our planet?
Fairey Aviation were also heavily involved with developing high speed interceptors, working on the successful FD2 supersonic research aircraft. That was another opportunity lost, as due to restrictions on sonic booms over the land, they flew it in France and it is alleged that it inspired the Mirage designed by Marcel Dassault. There is a strong similarity with the designs. At the same time they worked on larger aircraft, in competition with other companies, so perhaps the Rotodyne became surplus to requirements and funding ran out.
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