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Use for models

Originally Posted by Alistair Macnab View Post
Come on White Ship Guys! What are we going to do about the model? As China Hand has indicated, this is not going to be something that we can get hold of, even if we want to, without some financial transaction. Any thoughts?

As something else that has come to my attention and which would be an interesting relic to acquire is a copy of a British picture magazine of 1934 with a story about Lord Inverforth's Western Isles cruise on the brand new "Isipingo" with a veritable who's who of guests aboard. Great pictures of the full size swimming pool abaft the Bar Lounge verandha and cabins, barber's shop, bureau, dining room and sitting room etc.

I saw a copy of it once in Durban and wonder if there are any other copies available? All you UK retirees may have better ideas and connections than me, situated as I am here in Houston TX. Perhaps this can be one of the topics for discussion at the Annual Reunion?
I think models are best situated where the maximum enjoyment can be had from them. i.e. a club entrance, or even a maritime restaurant - shame we don't have a venue - or do we?

How's this for an idea - ask the Holiday Inn, Birmingham for a placing for the model. A whip round at the reunion could then start the ball rolling. Just a thought.....
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