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My dad used to load them onto his pride & joy, a BMC 4 wheeler and take them to some old quarry, that was when I was a boy so going back 50 years or so.
The wife & kids are coming over to see them tomorrow for a week. No doubt the weather will bright, sunny and in the 80's ?

I hear it is terrible just now so one suitcase is dedicated to jackets boots etc

It's the parents 60th wedding anniversary and they were going to have a party at the home mother is in but she told the nurses she has been divorced for ten years and to call her by her maiden name !

Is that we have to look forward to at that age

Anyway good to hear from you, I was waiting to read Leo posting something about chief stewards but the silence is leading me to think there was more to our "wee" friend
All the best, Malcolm
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