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I sailed on the: Silvio, Flaminian, Athenian, and a couple or three more that had their names changed to City Of *.*, in mid 70's. I sailed with Wilsons and Pappy's through the 70's including a coastal on one of the larger City Liners....Good old days to the Meddy and back....Finished up on Pappy's Hustler Class before being made redundant in 1979. Oh, I was on the Athenian (I think it was renamed, City of Valetta") when we nearly sunk just off Finisterre and had to seek refuge in Vego Spain under escort from a salvage Tug. (May have been Silvio (City of Patras) though, my wife was with me at the time...memory is slipping).....Another Company ship had big problems in the Bay of Biscay on the same day, or rather during the night, due to the heavy weather, it had called for assistance a few hours before we did. I sent out the Mayday Call, the Captains name escapes me, but he was a tall well built fellow, with white hair, smoked a pipe, quiet spoken and appeared quite nervous. (Capt. White...maybe his name)...Apologies for any confusion caused with ships name for that incident......I'll have to find my old discharge book.

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