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tremo ship models,

hi from stores, as a restorer and collector of 1/1200 scale ship models that was interesting, i was not aware they made plastiic ships, i dont collect tremo, a lot of people do, i buy most of mine on ebay, type in 1/1200 and u will get ships to that scale, or triang minic ships , they come up now and then, give u an idea of what they sell for, i collect and restore the triang models, as spare funnels and masts are available in white metal, more detailed models, just managed to aquire 2 of cunards Franconia, extremely rare , only 500 from USA and one from Holland, first one in original box worth 500 second no box worth about 300, i sometimes put extra detail on them or repaint them in different colours when the ship was sold and re named, have just done queen mary and elizabeth in wartime grey, best wishes, STORES.
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