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The available Treforest Mouldings (Tremo) catalogues comprise two distinct sets of documents – the more general lists of “all the world’s fighting ships” and the partially illustrated list of Royal Navy ships of 1940 vintage. The former is basically a list of the major ships from Janes Fighting Ships 1939.

Two recent photographs on the Vectis auction site (see links below) give a tantalising glimpse of potential Treforest Mouldings Warships not listed in the illustrated 1940 catalogue/list but listed in the general listing for the Royal Navy at a price of 3/9 (3s 9d). In the 1940 list these are shown as “new construction” but it has often been assumed that these were never produced as the company went into liquidation in 1940.

Ship Class Launched

HMS Illustrious Illustrious 5 April 1939

HMS Victorious Illustrious 19 September 1939

HMS Formidable Illustrious 17 August 1939

HMS Indomitable Illustrious 26 March 1940

I have been collecting Tremo ships from worldwide sources for a number of years and have never seen examples of these. The fact that the company actually produced boxes listing these must indicate that they had produced – or had plans to imminently produce these models.

Does anyone have examples of these? - if so, I would be interested in seeing a photograph.

Other ships in the “new construction” category include:

King George V class battleships

Fiji and Dido class cruisers

U class submarines

Tribal, J, K and I class destroyers were listed as “new construction” but were produced and are commonly encountered.

Uncommon/rare Tremos still crop up from time – I recently obtained the Argentinian cruiser “La Argentina” unexpectedly in a batch of other vessels.

I would be interested to hear of any “unusual” Tremos that people have or have come across.


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