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I also worked on a Pacific class patrol boat, specifically built to take the police forces from the pacific islands (New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga, etc) so these forces could police the fishing zone around their territory.
The galley was down below about midships where you had a reasonable ride but all stores had to be man handled from the dock to down below to the galley which had a large opening with a bain-marie to the cress mess and of course all gash rubbish had to be taken out to the main deck aft.
A small fridge in the galley, with the freezer right aft in the engine room.
The funny thing is that accomodation for 6 persons was on the main deck near the stern with tons of room, which was nearly the full width of the boat.
Why it wasn't this space the galley, with built in fridges & freezers handy & mess room for crew had me beat until I asked why.
The reason was that it was built from Navy plans and that is how it was.
I questioned that if the company knew what the boat was wanted for, why don't they ask someone with experience (and common sense) in different working areas for input before construction began.
I was stunned when the general manager agreed with me and the policy will be implemented in future.

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