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I had 9 Years with FC Strick, Left just after they where fully integrated with GCD. I had just Got my Seconds, and no opportunity for promotion so went to Ellerman, followed by T&J Harrison, and Tor line.

Sailed on Baltistan, Karaghistan, Gorjistan, Turkistan, Armanistan, Floristan (Maiden Voyage) Shahristan, Registan. Mostly Good times, some Long voyages, especially once we had to round the cape after the canal closed (6 day war).

Added:- My longest voyage was on Shahristan, We left Milwall around Easter time, Got hit by a Liberian Tanker in fog in the channel and had 3 weeks in Southampton, for repairs to the upperworks. We had to wait whilst they brought a Deck Crane from Redheads yard to replace the damaged one. (I think it was designated for Floristan?). The usual run via Cape town (bunkers), to the Gulf, and the "normal" 6 weeks or so hopping from Port to Anchorage all over the Perishing Gulf. Then a marathon down to Australia! Light Ship!. Where we loaded Ilmunite? in Bunbury. For Salvador, Brazil, Another marathon!. The cargo being one of the most dense minerals known to man the ensuing G-M meant she rolled like a *****!. Then Sugar from Recife to New York and a Grain cargo from there to Rotterdam. In all, 10 months 27days according to the Dis-A book!. The upside being, by the time I got home I had enough "sea time" (and leave) in to go straight into part A chiefs!.

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