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The Secret Room

Hello all...I am a new lad to this site having been recommended it. I am researching my family tree and over Christmas my Aunt told me an amazing story about my Grandfathers exploits during WW2. She tells of him being involved with a group of people helping to plan the D Day Landings of June 6 1944 from a place known as “The Secret Room” in Cardiff.
This has come as a bit of a surprise to say the least but she has recalled all sorts of memories from her childhood (she would have been about 15 years old or so at the time). What I know is listed below….please if anyone can throw any light on this it would be great…I do so want it to be true, but………………

My Grandfather is Frank Edward WARD who was with Sir William Reardon Smith and Sons a large shipping company in Cardiff and he had been in San Francisco and Vancouver in the 30s setting up and running offices for Sir William Reardon Smith and Sons. At some point in the war, possibly in 1943 he was seconded to a naval base apparently in the Imperial Buildings in Mount Stuart Square in Cardiff Docks. He attended there every day possibly as a representative of the British Merchant Navy. With him were an American Army Major(name not recalled) and a British Naval Lieutenant named Mr Brock who came from Exeter way. I do not know if there were any others involved in this but I suspect there were.

My aunt recalls that Mr Brock came to her house for Christmas lunch in 1943. The American major gave my grandfather a parcel of sweets for his children once a month which comprised inter-alia O`Henry Bars, Beamon`s Pepsi Chewing Gum and many other goodies which British kids could not get at that time.

It is a really intriguing story but with so little facts I suspect that it will not be easy to get to the bottom of this……unless of course someone knows different!! Any information or clues where to look or contact would be gratefully received.

I hope that I am not infringing any protocols by posting this question...if I have please forgive me

Many thanks in anticipation

Mike Ward

Leighton Buzzard
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