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Sailed with an "Aussie "on the "Ivy Bank" a fireman, who titled himself" Lower the boom Clancy Moore" who could start a fight in an empty house,(got me jailed in the islands) his side kick was an AB who said his dad was harbour master in Sydney circa 1950,they were both let go in Cardiff when we payed off, with the usual demerits as I recall Don't see much reference to the "Ivy Bank" on this site but I spent two happy years aboard her ,with such shipmates as " the Sherriff of Shire Moor" (Ronnie Lonberg" )and the "seventh Earl of Seaton Sluice" Gerry O'Niel and a lot more" Geordies" The day I joined her I thought I had joined the wrong ship, as I could not understand a word they said, but after a couple of weeks I was quite conversational in "Pitmatic"
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