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Originally Posted by Varley View Post
Not quite Titanic 2 but closer than comfortable.

Upmast transceivers? (Al Farabi's were not but one ATU motor was still burned. The other quickly restored with a new magnetron).

Gyro. Perhaps GPS connected for speed and latitude correction? If not perhaps back through AIS to which it will have fed (which route will now connect the main engine and steering controls).

Some of this is simply obstinacy. Data requiring aerials could be stopped on the bridge and a fibre optic highway engineered either as a bridge to copper network (if network there must be) or switches on each level connected to a fibre 'backbone' - much if it available 'off the shelf' and needing no marinization and already EC marked if not wheelmarked. The bridge will still be zappable but you should still be able to do what you did. A Sat C with dual aerials mounted either side and low down would still meet GMDSS listing/pitching requirements but be far less vulnerable to lightning.

Another interesting episode was about 9 years ago on a Ro-Ro. We had a BNWAS which was wired into the radars, autopilot, telegraph, electronic chart etc so that should any of those be touched it would reset the alarm rather than having to manually press the button every 12 minutes. The entire bridge outfit was by SAM of Hamburg.

This had been running fine for years but one day there was an electrical spike/surge which fried the motherboards on the radars, electronic charts and autopilot. Thankfully it happened just off the Isle of Wight whilst inbound for Southampton, so into hand steering and an hour later we were alongside.

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