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Originally Posted by James_C View Post
It happened to me on a tanker about 15 years ago or so in the South China Sea during the afternoon rainstorm, except this time it turned out to be an electrical storm. The mainmast took a direct hit and fried everything connected to an antenna thereon - radars, comms gear, mag compass, GPS antennas the lot. Even managed to zap one of the gyros somehow.All of which went off with a loud bang, sparks etc which gave the 2nd mate a bit of a fright.
After the dust had settled we did a rudimentary compass swing using a nearby island and also then found the gyro had a 10 degree or so error and off we set to Singapore. The company didn't know what was going on until we managed to get into mobile phone range, but the lads did very well in those very congested waters and the TSS around Horsburgh light with no radar, GPS etc, doing everything in man-u-matic fashion as we used to do. The Leckie and Chief did some heroic work trying to bodge some of the kit back into action, but we made the decision to get to port whilst the getting was good rather than drift around in the hope some of it might be fixable given time.
Alas even in the intervening decade or so we as an industry have de-skilled heavily and I wonder if such a thing would be possible today. Then we at least still had paper charts and the ability to use them, so no GPS feed/lack of an electronic chart presented no great drama.

P.S. For Callpor: what exactly is a navigational assessment? My Marine Manager (formerly called a Superintendent) is making noises that we'll be starting them soon, however this is a bloke who spent only 9 years at sea, never got higher than 2nd mate and yet is somehow qualified to ajudge my competence and indeed completes my annual appraisal!

Navigational Assessments, although carried-out by some companies for several decades, really came to the fore with their requirement in the Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA) guidelines introduced by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum in 2004. In the Navigation element there were requirements for Master's Audits of Navigation, Company Superintendents Navigational Assessments and Navigational Assessments by qualified Independent Auditors. I got involved in 2004 as an Independent Auditor and amongst other marine consultancy work have since carried out about 40+ short voyages assessing the navigational practices on my clients vessels. In the meantime all sectors of the industry have been pressured to formally assess the Navigational practices on their vessels. The Nautical Institute published some guidelines about 5 years ago and then followed-up by running training courses to accredit Navigational assessors in the best practices to adopt. OCIMF published guidelines last year and theremay be others. Navigational Assessments are now a substantial consultancy activity for experienced ex Masters. (Not for ex Second Mates with only 9 years seagoing experience!).
Hope that helps?
Cheers, Chris
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