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Good Evening All,

Dave Tobin retired in 2000 and I took over from him on the Rannoch. I think he may have done some ad hoc work for Trevor Hall after this but don't quote me.


Hi Richard
Dave did work for us when we started AtoBviaC to develop the new electronic BP Distance Tables in 2004. We had 10 ex Masters set up with PCs at home to calculate routes and distances using ARCS charts.
It took a couple of years and I regularly met Dave and had regular chats and visits. Margaret and Dave were big travellers often visiting Canada where they had family.
They were over in .the States on holiday when Dave took ill and he passed away shortly afterwards. I was going to meet him at the BPS centenary dinner but he was unable to make it.
I went to his funeral in Durham.
He was such a brilliant Master and BPX owed him so much as he was responsible for making a success of all their assets he had a hand in. Sulair, Iolair, Seillean and Loch Rannoch. I have spoken to so many people who were very grateful for his patient mentoring, one of the few Masters who really could delegate, and deliver withering correction when needed - even to superintendents!
Margaret sold up in Durham and has moved to Canada.
I hope you are keeping well, I have fully retired after selling A toBviaC in 2014

How’s the Land Rover club? We had a LWB tipper conversion from Foleys
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