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Cossack, the photos you posted in the above # 640 post brings me to a few more questions.

1. The starboard profile shot shows all of the life boats and tenders in place and yet the ship has a starboard list. The major damage that we know about at present is on the port side. Would it be safe to assume that once damaged the ship would list to port.

What would make it list to starboard, was there little forward and aft flooding on the port-side but it flooded over to the starboard side and then flooded forward & aft on that side only.

If the vessel came alongside the rocks on the starbaord side with deep water on the port-side why would it go to starboard.

2. The last photo in your set of four is another interesting one, the stabilizer is deployed but appears relatively un-damaged.

The stabilizers I am familiar with on cruise ships store in a recessed area on the side of the hull and yet these ones appear as if they are fully recessed into a tube likew structure in the hull.

My point with this is if you look a little further aft of that deployed stabilizer you will see the massive damage which I think we will agree by the vessel travelling at a good cruise speed.

Does this indicate the stabilizers were deployed after the grounding or does it mean the ship was turning hard to starboard and the rocks missed the stabilizer but struck the hull.
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