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Originally Posted by rcraig View Post
As a journalist you should be aware that a very capable lawyer would be highly likely to take his case if:
1) he is asked
2) someone is capable of paying for his services
3) he is not otherwise committed to some other case including and expecially other parties to the sinking,
and furthermore, despite and unlike many of those on this site who are quick to criticise lawyers, he will not have reached any conclusion in the absence of evidence which allows him to do so.
You are definately showing a prejudice towards journalists and are being quick to criticise them. I am sure there are good attorneys and good journalists it is just a pity there appears to be two decent very EX journalists and I have not read anything good from any good attorneys on here.

and you are definately living in cuckoo land if you think an attorney will not take this case or parts of it before he knows anything about the evidence.
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