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s.s. Rotterdam / photos and on TV

On 2 October a small group of shipenthousiasts was invited to visit the s.s.
Rotterdam in Wilhelmshaven.

This new photo-album can be accessed (as usual) via my website.

I hope you enjoy the photos and keep in mind that the announced openingdate is on 31 March 2008.

= = =

Message to the Dutch and all who can receive Dutch television:

On Thursday 11 October there will be a short item about the s.s. Rotterdam in the TV news on Ned. 1 at 20.00 hrs.

The same item will be broadcasted by RTV Rijnmond at 17.40 in their program 'Ik ziet de haven al'.
After this program has been broadcasted, you can watch it on their website
Kind regards,

Willem van der Leek
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