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Randmackenzie - I was never a broker; I rejoiced in the magnificent title of Tonnage Manager i.e. the person responsible for making sure we had the right ships and that they made money, by building, buying, chartering in and out and selling. Point being - I saw all the numbers, which a broker does not.

I do take your point that sometimes - just sometimes - these cargo combinations do work out, but by and large they don't, which is why these ships never became popular with owners and are now vanishing from the scene.

As an owner, you end up with a more expensive tanker or more expensive bulker and insufficient opportunity to make the money back.

I was responsible for a Capesize bulker that had honest to goodness hatch cleaning arrangements, in the manner of an O/B/O, with guns that self stowed and big eductors off the hatboxes, so we ran grain clean between cargoes, and that did work (and is still working, I believe) so a little bit of the O/B/O concept stayed with me.

Stores - remember that a container ship does not really have a deck, to speak of.

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