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Just an explanation how they got that name.

The management has written out a contest among the employees of HAL, Windstar, Westmark Hotels and Gray Line for a name of the new ship.

There were only two demands to that name.
1. It must end on 'dam'.
2. It should be easily be pronounced by English speaking people.

EURODAM seems to be the winning name.

Ending on 'dam' is understandable, as that is a tradition for passengersships with HAL.
I also can understand why it should be pronounceable easily by English speaking people, as they do have problems with the Dutch names.
Just listen how they pronounce 'Zuiderdam'

On other forums there are quite heavy discussions and some of the posters (very funny, mostly Americans), came with some ridiculous names like Dollardam, Poundam, etc.

The same people were complaining about the difficulty in pronouncing Zuiderdam when that ship came into service.
In fact, they are complaining about every new name within any cruisecompany.

The new ship EURODAM will have (like all other HAL ships) six paintings by Captain Stephen J. Card. One of course of the EURODAM and the other are five of his favourites.
One of them will be the DIEMERDYK at her last scheduled liner call in Plymouth in October 1963.

I think we get used to this new name within a short time.
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