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I was at MNC Greenhithe with the first lot of Class 5 Deck Trainee's from 1979 -1981 a mad lot , Ivor "Fred" Minnis , Kevin Bunten ,Stuart Vallis, Simon Nozworthy, Dave Morris, Ian Diaper, Mark Cable, Rick Hooper , Chris Poole-Gleed, Jim Podger, Ian Hutchinson, Neil Gordon, Alex Gibbons, Jim McKewen ,Andy Joscelyne etc 2 from Cunard , " from Doreys ,4 from Rowbothams and the rest from Fred Everards .Great bunch of lads ,last I heard of Ivor was he was a Ship Manager out in Kiwi . Remember going to FLICKS night club in Dartford on the weekends ,with its glass stair cases and the new McDonalds back in 81 . When we were there some ONC's let off a parachute flare in one of their cabins and it bounced off the walls a few times at supersonic speed b4 going out through the open window ! Think there were 3 of them in the room at the time ..all got away uninjured ...but a bit shaken !!
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