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Hello everyone!

Something from just after 1066 ( 1947 actually). Joined Reynolds ( ex Samcebu) in London KGV for voyage Torreveja, far east Japan (various ports) ,Hong Kong, singapore, ceylon as was, sydney,Newcastle NSW. Captain B.F.R Thomas ex torpedoed survivor from SS Ramsey, (40 lost) first mate Mr MacGowan. She had three strengthening steel plates each side of hull to prevent(?) breaking in half but survived many Typhoons and very bad weather. 2nd mate said " I don't like these ships, they're bloody dangerous!" whereupon she hit another sea and bounced up and down as per normal. Boltons looked after us well and I have fond memories of them. Carolling outside Captain Thomas's cabin at christmas we were greeted by " you'd better come in you buggers as I thought you'd be around" then a few hours lamp swinging and medicinal issues of tots. I wonder when captain Thomas " crossed the bar" and where he rests now? A very happy ship.

Vic Wroth
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