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Originally Posted by LucyKnight View Post
FM Lucy Knight
I was amused to read an article on 14th Aug EADT newspaper which began about high street shopping and ended up the sea going life history of Shell Tanker's first woman who was apparently taken on just after the sex discrimination Act in 1978. The sex discrimination Act was end of 75 and I was employed with them as a radio cadet summer 74 attending Brunel college and went to sea on the Mangelia 75. I can think of four radio officers who were at sea on Shell tankers by 78. I understand I was the first they took on and others followed soon after . In fact all four of us were at sea by end of 76. However by summer 78 I was the last to resign. I had had quite enough of ch eng Joplin and the rest of his merry band of engineers who had an all out mission to drive me out on the MV Amoria.
I joined CP ships just like this woman did a few years after me. How I wish I had been a few years younger because the woman who followed on after the sex disc Act and a few years later never seemed to suffer the prejudice like I did in both companies and especially C.P. Ships. They beggared belief.
Hi Lucy, just checked the July 78 Fleet Fax and I think the C/E you are referring to on the Amoria, was Don Joughin. He joined along with Capt. Pereir, 2/Es Dave Fitzpartick and P.R. Walker, and 5/E's Roberts & Bowman. I can say with some ease that Don Joughin was the most disgusting character I came across in Shell. As 2/O going into his cabin to flog clocks was a nightmare. Finding him half undressed lying on the deck blind drunk on a Sunday afternoon was not my idea of fun...... Wishing you bell Bob Dunbar. PS There is a Shell Tankers Website on Facebook with most of the Fleet Fax from the 70's through to the 80's
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