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Originally Posted by steevo View Post
hi Jim i signed on Hemicardium same time in bremerhaven i was catering boy but got promoted to crew messman for a month feb to march
Hy Stevo
Yes I joined in Bremerhaven 5th January 1968 my first trip to sea after leaving sea school (TS Indefatigable)
Some years gone by now, I have tried to place you but memory cells are getting hap hazard lol. I signed back on her when we returned as I heard through the grape vine that she was going to Japan. Captain wanted to know why I wanted to sail again instead of going home !
Asked me if I had heard where she was going ? I said no Sir, he said OK then...knew I was lying obviously. Captain Roberts it was smashing bloke, he had a bad back slipped disc if I remember correctly. Good crowd on that ship, we got permission to create a crew bar on her, one of the first in the fleet but no spirits because we where crew....where you still on her then ?
Apparently I left the sea 10 yrs before you 76. Got married in 75 and was fortunate (I think) still married to same lass, 40yrs in Feb 2015.
Signed on for the long haul.
PS 5 kids on tow.
Be nice to me and you can drive my boat when i win the Lottery
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