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Originally Posted by Mac View Post
Does any member have recollections of Nellists' nautical school in the west end of Newcastle on Tyne which closed in the summer of 1961 on the death of one of the principals, Bill Nellist.
I was at the school on study leave for my ticket when it closed.

After an absence of 44 years I had a wander around this part of the town a couple of months ago to see if I could remember the street the school was in and the only street remaining that looked vaguely familiar was Winchester Terrace.
Unfortunately most of the old navigational marks, pubs, had disappeared.
I would appreciate any advice from members on the street address of the school and any memories of the place, which was well known in those days in the North East for it's ability to get candidates through examinations.

It was well known. Two brothers weren't they? I did not go, myself, being a Londoner.
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