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'cat killer Kerley' I had all but forgotten that! as I recall there was more than one cat? and he found them whilst doing his inspections. But I only have second hand stories hilariously told by Mike Goldsmith who could take off Rons accent and mannerisms perfectly.

I was with him when we had a fire setter on board, after the third fire his call to the office was just magic to overhear, the jist being if they didn't get him the police he would turn left at the Thames and they would find us mored off southend pier until it was sorted. So it was that Chalky White and Brian Sewall two of Essexs finest joined us to catch the culprit, only took them 48 hours much to our huge relief. After they had arrested him he was handcuffed to the pilot chair untill we reached port, when it was my watch I wanted to know why, and I have always remembered his answer, " Some people walk into a room and think it would be nice with orange curtains, when I walk in I think it would look better with a fire"
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