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tyne tees Midlesborough.

Without a doubt but that he would have been well rested as an officers well. When I was thinking of leaving Tyne Tees as the number of vessels was shrinking which would have meant me going back to Mate he was most upset about it. I fact he put forward a provision for the two of us to fund the purchase of one of our ships and he of course would have seen to the charter side. I was very tempted but had applied for Trinity House and if hadn't made the selection would probably have taken that route with him.
If I could motivate myself I could write absolutely an unbelievable account of my life on the Coast after deep sea. As E D H and A B 2nd mate, mate and master. A Life now long gone of sailing in all sorts some built in early 1900 and of seamanship and board of trade companions all characters in their own right. In a way a history which I should record because there aren't many old hands left.

Probably the earliest and most 'hard lying' a one of W G grace coasters, a veritable slum but happy times


QUOTE=Erimus;2825569]Nicely put Cb Pilot.....During the war he was seconded to the Dept. handling vessel movements,name forgotten at moment, he was under John Craddock who became chief water clerk at Constantines, and was Army Captain by rank.Whenever Gus Mason came into our office he would salute and say Good Day Captain Craddock sir! To which John would say stand down Private....This used to really p... the Management off!
Nice memories.
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