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Keltic Star you are correct. The old "Dingbats" were built for Maracaibo. She was built for Creole Petroleum apparently, by Barnes Duluth in the USA in 1943 according to a Google search. Being a lake boat she was not best designed for sea service I guess as her maneuverability in any sea way left a bit to be desired, and she could roll like a pig when minded to.

The ships laundry room was on the other side of the companionway to the engine room door, and when she rolled to a certain angle the washing machine would shoot out of the laundry room and into the engine room.

The galley, I recall, had an oil fired range that blew up quite regularly, so a plentiful supply of carbon in the food was fairly common. And in the engineers accommodation all of the bunks were against the ship's side under portholes that always leaked. This made all us engineers well preserved as we were thoroughly salted.

I did six months on Wandsworth in 1964 and 1965, and although she was great fun there was, of course, no bond locker, and in any case I was trying to get in sufficient sea time for my second's ticket so I could have done without coastal work.
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