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Originally Posted by jmcg View Post
Perseus, Pyrrhus, Peleus & Patroclus were 4 of a kind (class) as were Neleus and Theseus.

Save for Pyrrhus sailed on all of them either coasting or voyage.

Favourite of all was the "A" class Autolycus, followed by the "H" class Hector. 7 voyages on Autolycus

Oh for just more trip as it used to be - what would we all give up to do it all just one more time.


Neleus and Theseus had a third sister, the Nestor.

I had good times on Autolycus as well. Although only coasting in her, with a crowd of heroes from Scotland Rd, we smuggled eight young ladies from Du Barry's Bar in Belfast on board, and had a high old time with them over to Glasgow, where they disembarked, heads held high, 24 hours after we tied up in KGV.
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