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Originally Posted by Aberdonian View Post
I tread warily here since I am looking back near six decades, but when I worked for just a few months with a rigging firm i did my share of splicing mainly wire trawl warps. We had the facilities there to hold the wire and thimble in a vice with special jaw attachments then the standing part of the wire would be hauled vertical by means of an overhead block and made fast. After the first tucks I am almost certain the strands were run up one after the other. A finishing touch was to lay the splice on an anvil and gently beat out any irregularities; all nice and tiddly.

More or less Keith, except I always hauled the standing part horizontally not vertically. As for special jaw attachments, saw them used in Cammell Lairds rigging loft, but they mainly were using hydraulic swaging instead of splicing at that time.

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