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Originally Posted by tell
hello and welcome Danube, I remember the levi well from my times on the shb Delta, Remember her? she used to dump the refuse from Liverpool household bins out past the Bar, think was though ,in order to get an early night instead of starting the dump at the NW lightship we started at the bar, consequently people from southport etc were complaining of the rubbish washing up on the beaches, we couldn't argue too much as they had medicine bottles and such with Liverpool adresses on them, I think it was a dying practise though with the Environement people starting up,She was sold to the westminster Dredging Co soon after .Tell

Hi Tell,and any one interested. The leviathan, Hoyle,and Hilbre Iseland work patten was, join ship monday-morning , and spend 11 days dredging in the river and Queens Channel near Crosby and Formby buoys. Dock on friday after-noon. 11 days later. Week end off then back on monday for another 11 days. The week end the Hoyle & Hilbre where in dock, Leviathan worked. Week end Leviathan dock other two worked. One day dredging near Formby buoy the Delta came passed heading inward. One of the lads said, There she goes trying to get back before the rubbish, she will never make it. Our dumping ground was Jordens spit if i remember rightly. That will do for now. Cheers. Barney Danube 4
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