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Originally Posted by Bosun bill View Post
Hi Geoff
I joined the Chicanoa in 1964 at liverpool has Bosun. done seven trips but had to sign off in Greenock just before we sailed again as my Mother died Oct 1965 never went back sea again. but nice to find this Shipsnostalgia which brings it all back yes i remember carrying some horses.
bosun bill
Hi, I did my fist trip as galley boy on the Chicanoa in Nov 64 - Feb 65. Two runs to Tiko unloading in Dieppie and Genoa and then over to Jamacia. I recall the ship was banned from Las Palmas after the crew went on the bevvie there, I think we left with quite a few deck crew short after fighting with the police on the quay and in town. Also the baker jumped ship in Dieppie and the pantryman took ill and left the ship in Genoa. It was quite an introduction to life at sea.
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