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The ghoul. His name was Bert Evans Pat. Red lead

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I to had very few problems at sea and I sailed with lads from all corners of the UK and in many ships I was the only Londoner on deck in fact when I was with Blue Funnel from what I remember when I was in the Pyrrhus apart from me and a pal who joined her with me there was the bosun known as the Gaul I think he may have been also from London ,

I believe the bosun you mention was 'The Ghoul' whose real name, if I ever knew it, I have forgotten. He always wore black leather gloves, and would prowl the decks during the night. A strange man, he once had a small part in a film which featured a Blue Funnel ship, I think it was the Bellerophon, whose name was shortened to 'Belle' for the filming. The Ghoul played the gangwayman in one short sequence. The film was called, 'The Sailor who fell from Grace with the Sea, and starred Kris Kristofferson and Sarah Miles.
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