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engineroom telegraph

Originally Posted by Barrie Youde View Post
The large number of views of this thread, by comparison with the number of actual responses, suggests that the nostalgia within us for the sight of a good brass engine-room telegraph (preferably a Chadburn, though a Ray would be equally as good!) generates as least as much enthusiasm as the sight of a square-rigger ever generated in an old shell-back of our fathers' generation!

"A haven of brass and brightwork" (or something very similar) was (I think) how the blessed Doctor Richard Gordon described the wheelhouse of the ss Lotus of the Fathom Line (or Lamport & Holt in a thin disguise) in Doctor At Sea. Here is nostalgia writ large!

A splendid looking model, Gretaston!

Well done - and thank you for starting the thread!
Thank you for your kind comments Mr youde I am firmly in the believe that, one volunteer is worth ten pressed men.
Kind Regards,
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