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Hallo Ewery Body as Palm Line
I can se there are many freinds from Palm Line.
I will ask you, are there some body,there have some picture, maybee som sites hwere i can se name on ships there was in chartering with Palm Line in the 50-60, because i was on board in a danish Wessel " Nordvest" with Palm Line in the funnel, but i have no picture of he , only that one her ind the gallery, in dry dock after a collision in Themsen .
we was in Takoradi Apapa, Lagos and other places, after we have been in Dakar for more crew, to help on board, and on the trip back to London in Las Palmas for bunkering oil , so to Blue Cirkel Cement an to Africa again, with Big Lorrys on deck i hope there ar some there have a picture.
Regards Benny
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