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Originally Posted by Shipbuilder View Post
Thanks, I don't think I have Photo Gallery, as I am on Windows 7! However, I eventually found out how to do it. I found a free online converter: I entered the NEF file in that, and it went in OK. It then said I had to save it to Cloud, that fortunately, I do have. Sure enough, it turned up in my Cloud files, and I was able to download it back into the PC as a Jpeg, where I could then do all the usual things with it!
This new camera (well - 2nd hand) is very good, but it is also quite complicated, but I am making some good progress with it.
I recently got a new Canon, and had problems converting their files using the Canon software. . What I do is just remove the card from the camera, and slot it directly into the computer, and upload the pictures that way. They come up in the computer as a "DCIM" File which contains the pic's as jpegs. It does mean that I can't use the Canon software, but does simplify things no end. Pleased you found a way around the problem
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