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It is all academic now, as I took it back this morning, and got a full refund. It happened to be the manager who served me. After we had gone through the usual "it works perfectly, you are just not setting it up correctly" routine, I said I still wanted a refund, and he agreed without argument. We had an interesting talk about it, and he actually said that I had been sold the wrong camera for what I wanted. That was to photograph small to medium sized items (up to about two feet long) on a table. I said that the images from the Pentax X90 were far superior to the Nikon D5100, and he agreed that they would be for that sort of thing. He said that what I actually needed was a "bridge camera," but I have decided to stay with my X90 until such a time as it conks out! After the refund, it was like having a great weight lifted off my shoulders, as I can go back to simple, but efficient photography.

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