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Originally Posted by LizzieNo1 View Post
Hi folks,
I'm looking for a little information. On the very few colour photo's that I have seen, the Empress Of Scotland seems to have very dark (near black) lifeboats.

I am a little confuddled by this. Are lifeboats to a safety standard of light/white colour, so as to be spotted easy? I'm probably stating the obvious, but the dark colour of Empress Of Scotland lifeboats seems odd.

Or, is there another straight forward answer?

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

The Lifeboats in The "Empress of Scotland" were "Diagonal Built" in timber , they were varnished and this is why from a distance they do seem black but in fact were brown, as a boy I sailed in her and I was often sent to help the "Lifeboat Deck man" who's job was to continualy maintain the boats in top order, in very cold weather a wooden stick was put into the water tanks to stop freezing and the lids of same left off.

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