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Hi Firey,

I sailed with CP from 83-86 as an RO.
Was on the Fort Providence, Fort Revolution, WM Neal, WC Van Horne,
Fort Calgary, Fort Kipp and RA Emerson.

It was a fairly good company to work for and the ship's were fine. Having
said that, some bright spark in the 'office' decided that the company could
save lots of money by not doing any deck maintenance. He was correct in
a sense, but after a year of deteriorating ships, a prospective charterer paid
a visit to some CP vessel he was going to use, and after one look said 'I am not
going to send my cargo on a rust heap like that!!"

This resulted in CP spending vast amounts of money to bring all the ships back up
to standard again.

The fate of the instigator of the no-maintenance policy is unknown, but he is
most likely a senior board member by now!


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