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VNC's could that lead to a seaman being blacklisted for a time??

here's the thing my Dad joined the Darinian on 15 March 1967 for a foreign trip, his record book shows he left the ship on 20 March 1967 at Swansea. The Master has entered 'Extract from Eng.2 signed JW Hodson.' My Dad was supposed to be the second engineer on this ship. The next entry in his book is dated 26/09/68 on the City Of Eastbourne which was a different line in the Ellerman group to the Darinian, from my limited knowledge. It seems that he may therefore have been out of work for 18 months??
Also amongst his papers is a card (ES57) of Record of service Off Articles and Off Contract in which he records the City of Eastbourne trip, and a brief trip in '69 on a Coaster for Coast Lines.
I'm really rather shook up by this, as, if he was out of work, what a worry for Mum & Dad, there were four of us by then, all under 7 years of age!!
BTW he never sailed again on the Darinian. Any thoughts/insights??

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