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Excellent film. I've always been fascinated by submarines. If you think about it, submariners are the first kinds of astronauts, although I suppose they should be called aquanauts (please substitute a better word for it if you can.)

They go into a totally hostile environment (which all those members of this site will be aware of, from the top anyway) where there is no room for error.

Modern nuclear subs are really quite frightening. Think about this, a modern strategic nuclear submarine carries more firepower than all the bombs and shells fired throughout World War Two and World War One combined. Whatever way you look at that, it is utterly mind boggling.

Remember that adage from the Cold War (which now seems a bit dated, there's a thought ) 'The three most powerful men in the world. The President of the USA, the Premier of the USSR, and the Captain of a strategic nuclear submarine.'

All this achieved in the space of less than a century. Pretty scary stuff in anybody's book.
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