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Translation of the last news received from the present status of the submarine ARA San Juan

The Navy reported that the search for the crew of the submarine ARA San Juan ended
In this way there is no hope of finding the sailors alive.
The raking will continue to find the remains of the ship

15 days after the disappearance of the submarine ARA San Juan, the Argentine Navy confirmed that "there will be no rescue of people", so there is no hope that the 44 crew members are alive.

Capt. Enrique Balbi, spokesman of the Navy, read the "press release number 50", in which he reported the completion of SAR (Search and rescue) case to go to the search phase. According to him, the SAR aims to "save people, in order to preserve human life", something that was finally ruled out.

After having traveled a million nautical miles and after analyzing that area at a depth of 300 meters without positive results, added to the fact that the last communication of the crew was two weeks ago, the Navy made this decision to change the protocol of Search and rescue by only search of the ship. However, if the vessel is more than 500 meters deep, all operations will be terminated.

In this way, the crew will no longer be sought alive. This was resolved by Rear Admiral Luis Enrique López Mazzeo, the military man in charge of the Mar del Plata naval base, who was the one who issued the last known statement about the problem in the batteries suffered by the ARA San Juan.

Balbi explained that "no evidence of shipwreck was found in the explored areas nor was there any contact with the submarine or its rafts".

In the last hours it had been noticed that several of the ships that participated in the tasks in the San Jorge Gulf were returning to Comodoro Rivadavia. Among them the Atlantis, of the United States, the Sophie Siem, of Norway and the Didi-K, of Uruguay.

Lopez Mazzeo, in charge of the Training and Arming Command of the Navy (CEOAA), will sign a new notice advising the 18 countries that participated in the raking of the modality change of the operations.

From now on, the international agreement that was in force while searching for the crew alive was concluded, so the nations that had been collaborating with Argentina will decide if they continue participating in the tasks to try to rescue the remains of the ARA San Juan. According to this means, the US Navy will return to the United States.

The ARA San Juan was being searched since November 15, when at 7.30 in the morning the ship's last communication with the naval base was recorded from the height of the San Jorge Gulf, some 432 kilometers from the coast. Three hours later, the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) recorded an "unusual signal near the last known position" of the "ARA San Juan". The noise detected by the organism was similar to that detected by the United States, which recorded a "hydroacoustic anomaly" in the same place where the submarine was last reported.

On November 16 and 17 the search operation was activated with two surface naves of the Argentine Navy equipped with sonar and two aircraft, first, and then the collaboration with logistical support from Chile, Brazil, Peru, the United States and Great was added. Brittany.

On Saturday, November 18, seven attempts at satellite calls were detected, but when they were analyzed it was ruled out that they were from the submarine. That day also joined the search ten ships of the Navy, eight aircraft and a satellite of the countries that offered their cooperation: United States, United Kingdom, Chile, Brazil, France, Italy.

On Sunday 19, a minisubmarine of the United States Navy joined the search, while the next day a probe picked up "a noise" 200 meters deep and about 360 kilometers from the Peninsula Valdes, but hours later it was confirmed that did not leave the submarine. An empty raft was also found in the sea and flares were spotted near the search site, but it was later confirmed that they did not correspond to the "Ara San Juan".

The following day, on November 21, two submarine rescue squadrons of the US Navy departed from Comodoro Rivadavia to join the operatives.
A significant novelty was registered on November 23, when the ambassador in Austria, Rafael Grossi, sent to the Argentine Government the report made by the Vienna agency that detected "an anomalous, short, violent, singular and non-nuclear event, coinciding with a explosion ", as described by the spokesman of the Navy, Enrique Balbi, at a press conference.

Last Friday (November 24), arrived from Russia to Comodoro Rivadavia the world's largest aircraft, the "Antonov", with a rescue group and a remote control submersible to join the operation. That same day, President Mauricio Macri said that a "serious and profound" investigation will be carried out to find out what happened.

The following day, 10 days after the last communication, from the search operation they discarded that the submarine was on the surface. However, on the next day (November 26) the Norwegian flag vessel, Sophie Siem, sailed from the port of Comodoro Rivadavia with the US submarine submarine rescue squadron.

On November 27, an alleged informative part of the Navy circulated on social networks, in which the submarine was reported by US teams more than a thousand meters deep, but later that version was denied by official sources.

The next day (November 28), the search area of ​​the ship was reduced to about 40 kilometers in radius, after receiving new data from different international organizations that determined an area that represents an area of ​​"20 times the Federal Capital".

Finally, yesterday (November 29) the Navy reported that 68% of the search area was swept, without results. In addition, a group of eight relatives asked to be a plaintiff in the case that is being followed in Caleta Olivia, while the Government and Judge Yañez reached an agreement for the magistrate to access information from the Navy that is not a "military secret". "

This Thursday, the Navy confirmed that the search for the crew of the submarine has been completed, and the operation will continue with the aim of finding the ARA San Juan.


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